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Ten Moments that Mattered in 2016Ten Moments that Mattered in 2016

To make your mark on the future, it helps to take stock of where you’ve been.

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 Rebirth Vol. 1s and Some Classic CheckmateJason's Picks: Rebirth Vol. 1s and Some Classic Checkmate

“Jason’s Picks” is a new monthly column by DC All Access host Jason Inman.

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 The Man of Steel Goes MultiversalThis Just Happened: The Man of Steel Goes Multiversal

You’ll have to forgive us if anything we’re about to write doesn’t make sense.

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DC Entertainment’s Best-Selling ‘DC Universe Rebirth’ Comic Collections Arrive on hoopla digital

Digital service for public libraries expands fast-growing comics catalog with day-and-date titles from DC’s critically acclaimed ‘Rebirth’ line including ‘Batman,’ ‘Superman,’ ‘Wonder Woman,’ and More!

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"Batgirl at Super Hero High" Thinks its Way to the Top! "Batgirl at Super Hero High" Thinks its Way to the Top!

Batgirl at Super Hero High is the third in a series of YA prose books set in the DC Super Hero Girls universe following Wonder Woman at Super Hero High and Supergirl at Super Hero High.

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The Perfect Resource to Find Your Favorite

DC, MAD, Vertigo, DC Super Hero Girls or DC’s Young Animal Story


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 Three New Looks at Gal Gadot's DianaWonder Woman: Three New Looks at Gal Gadot's Diana

From the shores of Themyscira to the trenches of World War I, Wonder Woman promises to take us on quite a journey when it makes its debut later this year. Landing in theaters on June 2, 2017, we’re already counting the days.

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 Get Tickets for the Los Angeles or New York PremiereJustice League Dark: Get Tickets for the Los Angeles or New York Premiere

Justice League Dark, the newest DC Universe Original Movie, brings the mystical side of the DCU to the world of animation as Batman and the heroes of the Justice Leagu

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 Justice is EclipsedThis Just Happened: Justice is Eclipsed

If you care even one iota about the DC Universe, then this week’s JUSTICE LEAGUE VS.

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Three Reasons Why You Really Need to be Reading AquamanThree Reasons Why You Really Need to be Reading Aquaman

He’s a member of the Justice League, has just celebrated his 75th Anniversary and will soon get his own feature film, and yet you still don’t hear too many people talking about Aquaman.

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In Celebration of the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad comics, this is your chance to win!DC JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD Variant Sweepstakes

In Celebration of the JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD Comics, This is Your Chance to Be Our Grand Prize Winner!

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Dress Your Pet Up


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 An Interview with Batman's Tom KingLooking Back on Volume One: An Interview with Batman's Tom King

In 2016, writer Tom King concluded spectacular runs on THE OMEGA MEN and Vision, as well as his war-torn crime noir THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON.

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Injustice: Ground Zero Exclusive Ch. 16 Exclusive Preview

This week marks another epic chapter of INJUSTICE: GROUND ZERO. In chapter 16, on sale today, Harley takes on The Joker! See below for chapter descrption and exclusive preview:

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Select DC Monthly Books to Receive Price Increase and New Digital Access Starting in April, select DC monthly series will see a price increase from $2.99 to $3.99. These books will now include access to a digital copy of the book. Read more
 Green Arrow Vol. 1Chapter-by-Chapter: Green Arrow Vol. 1

When I was sent the first volume of GREEN ARROW: REBIRTH and asked to share my thoughts on it for the DC website, I was pretty psyched.

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DC Super Hero Girls Go Back in Time and Offer Free Digital Chapters of ‘Past Times At Super Hero High’

In celebration of this week’s chapter of DC Super Hero Girls: Past Times at Super Hero High, DC is offering the first two chapters of the Digital First series for free.

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DC Taps Critically Acclaimed Artist Bruno Redondo to Spearhead Digital First Comic and Adds Artist to Growing Talent Roster

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 Green Arrow Sees RedThis Just Happened: Green Arrow Sees Red

Seattle’s a great city, but in the pages of this week’s GREEN ARROW #15, it’s also a city under siege, and the one man who can help has seen h

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For the LEGO Batman Movie Fans!The LEGO® Batman Movie Bundle Sweepstakes

In Celebration of the LEGO® Batman Movie Coming Out Soon, This is Your Chance to Be Our Grand Prize Winner!

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All-New Chance to Win from DC Collectibles!DC Collectibles Batman Beyond Set Sweepstakes

This is Your Chance to Be Our Grand Prize Winner!

One DC Collectibles fan will be able to bring home this much anticipated Batman Beyond action figure 3-pack.

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All-New Chance to Win for Your Little OneDC Super Heroes Little Library Sweepstakes!

This is Your Chance to Win for the Little One in Your Household!

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Supergirl Lives and Thrives

Supergirl is back! Whew. The midseason break was nice because you know, holidays and stuff, but I'm glad Kara and co. are back on my television. I've missed them.

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 Win a Rebirth Vol. 1 Graphic Novel CollectionDC All Access: Win a Rebirth Vol. 1 Graphic Novel Collection

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been on the edge of your seat ever since #DCTV went on hiatus.

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Godspeed to Barry and the Kid FlashesGodspeed to Barry and the Kid Flashes

DC’s Rebirth has launched some amazing new chapters in the lives of classic super heroes, and Barry Allen has got a really, really special story!

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 Who Wouldn’t Want to Visit the Flash Museum?The Flash: Who Wouldn’t Want to Visit the Flash Museum?

This week, The Flash finally returned to our television screens in an episode with, possibly, their most awesome title to date—“Borrowing Problems From the Future.” It’s a clever nod back at the recent trend of Barry Allen mess

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 Advanced Film StudiesDC's Legends of Tomorrow: Advanced Film Studies

Welcome back from an especially brutal, cliffhanger-y hiatus, Legends fans! Hopefully you’re all well rested and ready to hit the ground running because this week certainly didn’t give us any time to catch our breath.

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Live Dangerously with the Young Animal Book ClubLive Dangerously with the Young Animal Book Club The Young Animal Book Club is a brand new YouTube series featuring four insightful comic fans who have agreed to cover the imprint for our DC Fans channel. First up is Tiffany from ComicPOP, who’s covering the line’s flagship title, Doom Patrol by Gerard Way and Nick Derington. Read more
 We’re Back, Baby!Arrow: We're Back, Baby!

Welcome back, guys!

Hope everyone had a nice break. I’m trying to thaw out from the frigid Midwest cold and ice, but ready to bring this column to you.

I guess the best place to start would be with the obvious: Laurel!

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 An Interview with Justice League's Bryan HitchLooking Back on Volume One: An Interview with Justice League's Bryan Hitch

Bryan Hitch has long been known for his skill at rendering exciting super hero action at the largest scale.

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 Maxwell Lord is Taken to TaskThis Just Happened: Maxwell Lord is Taken to Task

If you’re going to declare war on Amanda Waller, you’d better make sure you win.

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Preview Monday: Super Powers #4! Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday. This week, we bring you an exclusive look at SUPER POWERS #4! Read more
 Dick Grayson's Past Comes Back to Haunt HimThe Trapeze Swinger: Dick Grayson's Past Comes Back to Haunt Him

Dick Grayson’s had a busy couple of years. From faking his death to becoming a super spy, it’s been anything but easy. Now, even though he’s back in his iconic blue and black, he’s hardly out of the woods.

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A Chance to Win for the Hanna-Barbera Fans!DC Scooby-Doo! Graphic Novel and Movie Bundle Sweepstakes

For the Hanna-Barbera Fans! This is Your Chance to Be Our Grand Prize Winner!

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 Let National City Have Another HeroSupergirl: Let National City Have Another Hero

Supergirl has a nemesis. The radio jockey turned electrifying villain Livewire is a regular thorn in Kara's  side.

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Vote for Your Favorite Green Lanterns Rebirth CoverVote for Your Favorite Green Lanterns Rebirth Cover The first Green Lanterns graphic novel of the Rebirth era is in stores now! In GREEN LANTERNS VOL. 1: RAGE PLANET, new Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz begin a new era of emerald excitement, tackling the universe’s toughest beat: Earth. Vote on your favorite of six of the collection's covers below! Read more
Vote for Your Favorite Nightwing Rebirth CoverVote for Your Favorite Nightwing Rebirth Cover The first Nightwing graphic novel of the Rebirth era is in stores now! In NIGHTWING VOL. 1: BETTER THAN BATMAN, Dick Grayson is back in Gotham City, but when a new evil threatens those closest to him, he must tear himself away from his home in order to combat the dark force as Nightwing! Vote on your favorite of six of the collection's covers below! Read more
 Let's Talk About GypsyThe Flash: Let's Talk About Gypsy

This season on The Flash, we are getting a lot of great development of characters that are not Barry Allen. It has been a ton of fun seeing characters like Caitlin Snow (and her alter-ego Killer Frost), come into their own.

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 Run On For a Long TimeDC's Legends of Tomorrow: Run On For a Long Time

So, the time has finally come. Our up close and personal look into the Legion of Doom is here and it’s...well, pretty intense, if I’m being honest.

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Powerless Adds a New City to the DC Universe AtlasPowerless Adds a New City to the DC Universe Atlas

Location, location, location. When Wayne Enterprises opens its doors in NBC's Powerless premiere on February 2, it welcomes us into a new city.

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 Mo Metas, Mo ProblemsArrow: Mo Metas, Mo Problems

Before I jump into the meat and potatoes of this column, I want to touch on something…


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 Detective Comics and Mystery MachinesJason's Picks: Detective Comics and Mystery Machines

We’re back with another Jason’s Picks column! Enough of you out there in comic book internet land liked my musings and choices, so Amanda Waller had to allow me to write another one!

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DC ENTERTAINMENT CONTINUES TO SIGN TOP COMIC BOOK TALENT WITH ARTISTS JAVIER FERNÁNDEZ AND JORGE JIMÉNEZ BURBANK, Calif. (February 2, 2017) – DC Entertainment continues to expand its roster of top-name talent, announcing today that it has reached agreements with artists Javier Fernández (NIGHTWING) and Jorge Jiménez (SUPERMAN, SUPER SONS). Read more
LEGO Batman Drops a Sweet New SingleLEGO Batman Drops a Sweet New Single

LEGO Batman sure seems to like the sound of his own voice, which means he must be a BIG fan of Patrick Stump.

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 Bane Breaks the Bat's...Spirit?This Just Happened: Bane Breaks the Bat's...Spirit? In this week’s BATMAN #16 by King and artist David Finch, it’s time to pay the piper (or the juiced-up masked behemoth), as Bane comes to Gotham to steal the Psycho-Pirate back and enact a little payback... Read more
Fashion Meets Fun When DC Pres Diane Nelson Walks the Red Carpet in LEGO Couture

DC President Diane Nelson channels her inner caped crusader as she dons a custom LEGO couture jacket in celebration of THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE premiere.

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 A Tale of Martians and MoralsSupergirl: A Tale of Martians and Morals

"You are not your people."

Last week's Supergirl saw J'onn have an epiphany about M'gann being different from the White Martians who enslaved and slaughtered his people, and he had her back in "The Martian Chronicles."

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 Win a LEGO Batman Movie Prize PackDC All Access: Win a LEGO Batman Movie Prize Pack

LEGO Batman's in the HOUSE! In today's all new episode of DC All Access, we rap with the big man himself, Will Arnett, who voices LEGO Batman in his upcoming, self-titled new movie.

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The Flash: Phasing and Other Speed Force Powers

In tonight’s episode of The Flash we get a lot more Kid Flash goodness!

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Trouble With Turncoats

Welcome back and happy belated holidays, Legends fans! This week continued our tour of formative moments in American history with the Revolution...just, you know, with the added bonus of automatic weapons, care of the Legion of Doom.

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 Sit. Stay. Progress.Arrow: Sit. Stay. Progress.

I always listen to music while I write my columns. It helps me gather and focus my thoughts. Tonight (like most nights lately) I have Queen playing. I’ve always been a fan.

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Green Arrow Recaps


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Your Chance to Win for the DC Super Hero Girl in Your Life!DC Super Hero Girls Book Set Sweepstakes

This is your chance to be one of our five Grand Prize Winners, who will bring home a set that includes two DC Super Hero Girls books from Random House Children's Books

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 Yes, the Condiment King Is RealThe LEGO Batman Movie: Yes, the Condiment King Is Real

Are you ready to meet the Sultan of Sauce? Cover up your clothing to protect it from wayward shots of mustard and ketchup and have a seat. We need to talk about Condiment King, and I hope you'll relish the experience.

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For all of the Super Sons fans out there!DC SUPER SONS #1 Variant Sweepstakes

This is Your Chance to Be Our Grand Prize Winner!

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Announcing BANE: CONQUEST by Dixon and Nolan! The co-creators of Bane make a triumphant return to the character, with a twelve-issue series that will push him to the limit! Read more
 MasklessArrow: Maskless

We could have a really long, drawn out discussion debating whether life imitates art or if art imitates life. Honestly, I only have a very surface-level understanding of those concepts—or what I think they mean, at least.

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Riding Out The Wild StormRiding Out The Wild Storm

Some of the biggest storms start quietly.

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DC/Looney Tunes Specials

Stay tuned.

Jonah Hex. Yosemite Sam.

Martian Manhunter. Marvin the Martian.

Lobo. The Road Runner.


Batman. Elmer Fudd.


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DC Collectibles at Toy Fair 2017 DC Lands at Toy Fair!

Make some room in your display case, 2017 is going to be quite a year!

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DC Collectibles Unveils Stellar Slate Ahead of New York Toy Fair

All-New 12’’ Statues Inspired by Upcoming Justice League Film Stars: Ben Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Superman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Ezra Miller’s The Flash, and Ray Fisher’s Cy

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 Mr. Mxyzptlk Turns on the CharmSupergirl: Mr. Mxyzptlk Turns on the Charm

Is it ever too late to celebrate Valentine's Day? No.*
*Please note we cannot predict how your loved one will feel about celebrating the holiday after it's passed.

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Meet DC All Access's New Co-Host, Whitney Moore!Meet DC All Access's New Co-Host, Whitney Moore! If you’ve seen today’s DC All Access, you noticed there’s a new face in the crowd. Say hello to Whitney Moore, DC All Access’s brand new co-host! You'll be seeing a lot of Whitney, but for now, we thought we’d give this a self-proclaimed DC mega-fan a chance to introduce herself… Read more
 Greetings from Gorilla CityThe Flash: Greetings from Gorilla City

Gorilla Grodd has not only been a longstanding staple of the Flash’s comic book mythology—he first appeared in THE FLASH #106 in May 1

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 Whatever Happened to the JSA?DC'S Legends of Tomorrow: Whatever Happened to the JSA?

I don’t know about you guys, but this has been the moment I’ve been waiting for since the second episode of this season. The triumphant return of one of my favorite super teams in the DC Universe: the Justice Society of America.

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 Keeping Up With the CorpsGreen Lantern: Keeping Up With the Corps

Even on their most routine days, the Green Lantern Corps don’t exactly have a job anyone could classify as easy, but lately things have been pretty complicated, even by their standards.

Read more
Vote for Your Favorite Action Comics Rebirth CoverVote for Your Favorite Action Comics Rebirth Cover The first Action Comics graphic novel of the Rebirth era is in stores now! In ACTION COMICS VOL. 1: PATH OF DOOM, Superman and Lex Luthor must put aside their differences to face the common threat of Doomsday, as Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane try to uncover the truth: Who is the man claiming to be Clark Kent? Vote on your favorite of six of the collection's covers! Read more
 Impeach Oliver Queen!Arrow: Impeach Oliver Queen!

Before we jump in and discuss tonight’s episode, let’s take a minute to admire Curtis’ new costume….ahhhh, yes…it’s the comics coming to life!

Read more
 Who the Heck are Crimson Fox and Jack O'Lantern?Powerless: Who the Heck are Crimson Fox and Jack O'Lantern?

They may not inspire the adoration and instant recognition (to say nothing about their value in the Super Hero Fantasy League) as Superman or Batman, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not every bit the hero.

Read more
 Suicide Squads and Murder MysteriesThis Just Happened: Suicide Squads and Murder Mysteries

Amanda Waller’s been shot!

Hold on just a moment because I’m not quite sure the significance of what I said there has struck you. Or maybe you’re all just in shock. But either way, go on ahead and read it again…

Read more
 Inspiring Supergirl...and the Rest of UsAlex Danvers: Inspiring Supergirl...and the Rest of Us

Family is important to Chyler Leigh. Fittingly, it’s also really important to Alex Danvers, her character on The CW’s Supergirl.

Read more
 A Little Family DramaSupergirl: A Little Family Drama

Miscommunication. It's a thing and having super powers doesn't mean you're exempt from experiencing occasional instances of forgetting how to communicate with others.

Read more

DC Entertainment announced today their exciting lineup of panels and talent for Emerald City Comicon (ECCC), taking place March 2-5 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

Read more
 DC Collectibles is on InstagramFollow the Figures: DC Collectibles is on Instagram

Here at DC Collectibles, we’re not afraid of the camera. We love it.

Read more
 We Need to Talk About GroddThe Flash: We Need to Talk About Grodd

Gorilla Grodd has been the monkey on Barry Allen’s back for three seasons now and in tonight’s episode, “Attack on Central City,” he really ups the ante to a whole new level.

Read more
 About That Reveal...Arrow: About That Reveal...

Wow…well, it looks like I have my work cut out for me tonight—even though I was hoping for impeachment. :)

But be honest, who saw tonight’s reveal coming? Quite the shocker!

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 Titans Times Three!Jason's Picks: Titans Times Three!

The month of March is upon us. While there are many activities that you could enjoy in this springtime month, may I suggest picking up a graphic novel or two?

Read more
All-New Chance to Win for Your Family!DC Good Morning Superman Sweepstakes

Enter for a chance to be our Grand Prize Winner who will bring home a bundle of Superman themed t-shirts, lunch box, pencil carriers, and a copy of Good Morning Superman! Four additional winners will each

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 The Loss of a Loved OneThis Just Happened: The Loss of a Loved One

The truth hurts. That’s what they say, at least, and after reading this week’s startling SUPERMAN #18, we definitely believe it.

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 Abra Kadabra is Coming to The FlashEXCLUSIVE: Abra Kadabra is Coming to The Flash

If you’ve been hoping to see the theatrical antics of Abra Kadabra on The Flash, there’s no need to say the magic word…

Read more
 Kara and Alex Break the RulesSupergirl: Kara and Alex Break the Rules

When you think about a character like Supergirl, you imagine someone who is a paragon of virtue. Kara's not immoral and is often a representative of all things good, but "Exodus" proved she can slip a little. Maybe.

Read more
Vote for Your Favorite Suicide Squad Rebirth CoverVote for Your Favorite Suicide Squad Rebirth Cover The first Suicide Squad graphic novel of the Rebirth era is in stores now! In SUICIDE SQUAD VOL. 1: THE BLACK VAULT, the squad of super-villains must recover a powerful cosmic weapon called the Black Vault from enemy hands. Vote on your favorite of five of the collection's covers below! Read more
 Barry Allen and the Philosopher's StoneThe Flash: Barry Allen and the Philosopher's Stone

With the casting of Tom Felton as Julian Albert and the inclusion of the Philosopher’s Stone in this season of The Flash, it has been difficult to escape the Harry Potter comparisons that come to mind every ti

Read more
 Love Is In the Temporal ZoneDC's Legends of Tomorrow: Love Is In the Temporal Zone

Welcome back, Legends fans! I have to say, I thought I had covered most of my bases for all the wild theories I’ve been concocting about the rescue and return of Rip Hunter, I was not prepared for this at all.

Read more
 Whatever Happened to Wally West?Titans: Whatever Happened to Wally West?

Full disclosure before I get started: I love the Teen Titans and all of their extensions beyond reason.

Read more
 Gardner Goes DownThis Just Happened: Gardner Goes Down

Okay, you poozers, put the kids to bed and find your stomach. This week’s edition of This Just Happened is not for the squeamish!

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 QuickWest 4EvaThe Flash: QuickWest 4Eva

Let’s start out talking about tonight’s episode, “Into the Speed Force” by addressing a bunch of Jesse Quick stuff! It sure seems like Jesse Wells takes a lot of crap from the men in this episode.

Read more
 Houston, We Have So Many ProblemsDC's Legends of Tomorrow: Houston, We Have So Many Problems

It’s a Heywood family reunion this week! Just, you know, without all the barbeque and cake and awkward aunts and uncles...and…well, anyone but Nate and his grandpa. Do two people still constitute a family reunion?

Read more
 Wilson Family ValuesDeathstroke: Wilson Family Values

If you’ve been keeping up with Deathstroke since DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH, you’ve likely noticed that his family plays a huge role in his o

Read more
 Daughter of the DemonArrow: Daughter of the Demon

This past Monday, I popped dinner in the oven and flipped on the tube. I was looking to unwind from the daily grind. I did the standard channel surfing game for bit and decided to check out what I had saved on the old DVR.

Read more
 Laying Out the PiecesThe Wild Storm: Laying Out the Pieces

Anyone who’s ever played Risk knows that ruling the world is almost like a game. There’s a strategy to it, there are moves and counter-moves, and there’s the crucial importance of being one step ahead of your opponent.

Read more
A Tribute to Bernie Wrightson

DC Entertainment joins the entertainment and comic industries in mourning the loss of one of the greatest artists of our time, Bernie Wrightson. Whether he was drawing Swamp Thing or Super Heroes he was a joy to work with.

Read more
DARK DAYS AHEAD FOR THE DC UNIVERSE Kicking off a massive event this summer, The New York Times best-selling writers Scott Snyder (ALL-STAR BATMAN) and James Tynion IV (DETECTIVE COMICS) collaborate with iconic artists. Read more
 A Real Villain of NoteMeet the Music Meister: A Real Villain of Note

You might think you've encountered maestros of villainy before, but no one conducts a sinister symphony like the Music Meister.

Read more
 An Emotional OvertureSupergirl: An Emotional Overture

If you find yourself breaking into song more than usual this week, don’t worry. It’s not some bizarre affliction you should turn to Dr. Google to look into—it’s musical crossover time!

Read more
 Super Hero Song and DanceThe Flash: Super Hero Song and Dance

The Flash has decided to take advantage of some of its ties back to Glee. Both Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist were regular cast members on the musical drama. Add to that Jesse L.

Read more
 A Cold BetrayalDC's Legends of Tomorrow: A Cold Betrayal

Welcome back, Legends fans! Talk about having to go there (and back again) this time around, huh? And, man, things are...not looking all that great for the future of the world.

Read more
 No White HatArrow: No White Hat

There was a TV show in the late 1950’s and early 60’s called The Rifleman. It was a Western that revolved around a rancher, Lucas McCain (Chuck Connors), raising his son Mark in the New Mexico territory of 1870’s.

Read more
 Running in ReverseThis Just Happened: Running in Reverse

That loud booming sound you just heard wasn’t Barry Allen breaking the sound barrier.

Read more
 Inking NightmaresBernie Wrightson: Inking Nightmares

Of his work for DC, Bernie Wrightson’s most famous trafficked in secrets, mysteries and nightmares. It was born in the swamps of Louisiana and burrowed and slumped its way into the imaginations of readers and fans worldwide.

Read more
Oliver Nome

Heartbroken to hear the passing of WildStorm artist Oliver Nome.  Oliver was one of the last artists to join the studio but his "origin story" was one of the more unique, memorable ones.

Read more
 Katie Cassidy Returns to ArrowBreaking News: Katie Cassidy Returns to Arrow

Fans worldwide were shocked and saddened when Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance met an untimely demise last season on Arrow.

Read more
Your Chance to Win Our Convention Sweepstakes!DC Spring Convention Sweepstakes

This is Your Chance to Be Our Grand Prize Winner!

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 A Love LetterThe Flintstones: A Love Letter

The titular family of Bedrock is back, trying to figure out what civilization is in a way that mirrors our own great leap toward the unknown of our age.

Read more
 Mon-El Faces Family DramaSupergirl: Mon-El Faces Family Drama

With the musical crossover still fresh in my head, it's hard not to think about what songs would fit certain scenes in the latest Supergirl.

Read more
 It's the End of the World as We Know ItDC's Legends of Tomorrow: It's the End of the World as We Know It

Well, Legends fans, the time is nearly upon us. This week represented the penultimate episode of this season and, man oh man, things are really, really not looking good.

Read more
 Abra Abra KadabraThe Flash: Abra Abra Kadabra

Holy magic wielders, Batman! On this week’s episode of The Flash—aptly titled “Abra Kadabra”the eponymous character made his small screen debut in a big bad fashion.

Read more
Batgirl and Supergirl Through The MultiverseBatgirl and Supergirl Through The Multiverse

If you think that Batgirl and Supergirl go together about as well as their counterparts Superman and Batman, well, you’d be correct. Kryptonians and Bats are a match made in super hero heaven.

Read more
 Black Lightning Comes to LifeFirst Look: Black Lightning Comes to Life

Lightning will soon strike the hearts and minds of DC fans as a new small screen hero rises. With production underway in Atlanta on the newest #DCTV pilot for The CW, Warner Bros.

Read more
All the Latest From WonderCon 2017All the Latest From WonderCon 2017

DC fans are flocking to Anaheim this weekend for the world famous WonderCon, and they’ll be rewarded with plenty of news, first looks and announcements.

Read more
 No Shoes. No Shirt. No Kill.Arrow: No Shoes. No Shirt. No Kill.

Diggle dropped a line in tonight’s episode that I feel I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t start the column out with it. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen or heard a hero in a comic, TV show or movie say this and it’s too good to not repeat.

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This Just Happened: Donna Troy's Shocking Secret

In the extra-sized TITANS ANNUAL #1 by Dan Abnett, Minkyu Jung and Adriano Lucas, the Titans teamed up with the Justice League… and that wasn

Read more

DC kicked off WonderCon 2017 with a spotlight on DC’s Young Animal, the edgy and weird pop-up imprint curated by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way.

Read more
DC Collectibles Unveils New 2018 Cover Girls Collection with Artist Joëlle Jones

Eisner Award nominated artist Joëlle Jones has been tapped to take over the popular DC Collectibles Cover Girls statue line. Announced today during the DC Collectibles panel at WonderCon, the fan-favorite artist for SUPERGIRL: BEING SUPER an

Read more

WonderCon attendees got more than they expected today at the WildStorm 25th Anniversary Panel.

Read more

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, along with DC Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio, just announced that their highly anticipated event, DARK NIGHTS: METAL, will rock comics this summer.

Read more
Preview Monday: Aquaman #20!

In this week’s issue of AQUAMAN, H2.0 continues as the U.S. Navy Research base is under attack. Aquaman and Mera must work together with the Aquamarines and Scavenger to save if from an unlikely foe.

Read more
 Sam Humphries Raises the Stakes on Green LanternsPolaris Primed: Sam Humphries Raises the Stakes on Green Lanterns

There doesn’t seem to be much of a learning curve for Green Lanterns these days. At least, if Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz’s experiences are any indication.

Read more
 No Time Like the '90sJason's Picks: No Time Like the '90s

April is a month for many that brings on unhappy feelings. Whether it is the encroaching end of the school year or the taxman knocking on your door, beat back all those fears with a good old comic book!

Read more
DC Super Hero Girls Get Artistic in Their Latest Comic SeriesDC Super Hero Girls Get Artistic in Their Latest Comic Series

Some battles are fought with weapons and super powers, others are fought with art supplies.

Read more
 Robin Dies at Dawn!This Just Happened: Robin Dies at Dawn!

Someone’s decided that “Nightwing Must Die!,” and after finishing the twisted and tense NIGHTWING #18, we now know who it is!

Read more
In Celebration of DC Kids Super Hero Month, this is Your Chance to Win!DC Kids Super Hero Month Sweepstakes

This is Your Chance to Be Our Grand Prize Winner or One of Three Other Winners!

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Preview Monday: The Flash #20!

In this week’s issue of THE FLASH #20, the bodies of Godspeed’s victims are disappearing. Iris West, with the help of Barry Allen, investigates the reason behind these disappearances.

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iZombie Cooks Up Some Brain FoodiZombie Cooks Up Some Brain Food

If you’re a fan of iZombie, The CW’s just-returned adaptation of the classic Vertigo comic, then you know the key role that food plays on the show.

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 Julie and Shawna Benson Soar with Batgirl and the Birds of PreyOf a Feather: Julie and Shawna Benson Soar with Batgirl and the Birds of Prey

It was just about a year ago that BATGIRL AND THE BIRDS OF PREY was announced as a part of Rebirth and DC fans were introduced to its sibling writing team of Julie and Shawna Benson.

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DC Entertainment’s Best-Selling ‘DC Universe Rebirth’ Comic Collections Expand on hoopla digital

DC Rebirth Vol. 2 arrives today, bringing new titles like Green Arrow Vol. 2 and Superman Vol. 2 to the leading digital service for public libraries

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This summer, writer Shea Fontana (DC SUPER HERO GIRLS) will pen a five-issue story arc on DC’s main WONDER WOMAN bimonthly comic book series.

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 Brenden Fletcher, Becky Cloonan and Karl Kerschl Discuss the End of Gotham AcademySchool's Out: Brenden Fletcher, Becky Cloonan and Karl Kerschl Discuss the End of Gotham Academy

Things are heating up at Gotham Academy this week—quite literally. Olive Silverlock has become possessed by the fiery spirit of her ancestor, Amity Arkham, and she wants nothing less than to turn all of Gotham to ash and dust.

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Preview Monday: Superwoman #9!

In this week’s issue of SUPERWOMAN, Superman, Steel and Lois must work together to keep Lana’s powers from destroying her. When Superman uses the Kryptonian Armor to restore her, however, the consequences are much worse than they expected.

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 Green Arrow Vol. 2Chapter-by-Chapter: Green Arrow Vol. 2

Hey, hey! Matt Ross, here. If you don’t know me, I cover Arrow for the #DCTV Couch Club.

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 Why "The Judas Contract" MattersDC Comics 101: Why "The Judas Contract" Matters

Every superhero or super team in the DCU has a story or two that define who or what they are at their core—their very own DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, if you will—and for the Teen Titans, that story is

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 Destruction at Your FingertipsThe Wild Storm: Destruction at Your Fingertips

Technology may be the ultimate double-edged sword. There’s no doubt it’s made life easier and allowed us as a society to accomplish so much beyond what we once would have thought possible. It keeps us connected, informed and entertained.

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Retailers had a front-row seat at Chicago’s C2E2 today when DC Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee unveiled six new DC Universe titles under the banner Dark Matter, partnering the most acclaimed artists in the industry with award-winni

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 A Flash of DangerUnbuttoning "The Button": A Flash of Danger

It’s finally here. The moment we’ve been waiting for since that massive reveal at the end of DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1.

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What’s around the corner for Marvel Unlimited this month? Deadpool leads a gang of money hungry mercs, Civil War II takes to the streets, and STAR-LORD (2015) comes to a cosmic conclusion!

Available Week of 1/2

Available Week of 1/9
SPIDER-MAN 2099 #12


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