FNM At-Home Events

FNM At-Home Events

Social distancing is important during this time of worldwide pandemic. But being at home doesn’t mean you can’t join in on Friday Night Magic. Join Enchanted Grounds’ at-home FNM party, and get a chance to win WPN prize packs.

Each Friday we will begin registration for FNM at 4:00 PM. You may call the store to register over the phone, order online via our web-portal, or stop in to the store to register while picking up other MtG supplies (phone numbers and links below; if stopping in, please follow all social distancing rules posted on the front door).

Cost to enter is $10, which we will put on an account under your name. You may fully redeem the entire value of this account in the future, after social restrictions are lifted by local governments. Be sure to give us your DCI number, phone number, and name.

At 8:00 PM each Friday we will give away 8 WPN prize packs, and 2 WPN premium prize packs. We will use Wizards Event Reporter to choose winners at random. We will call you if you won a pack, and hold it at whichever store you prefer, to be picked up at a later date (you may stop in to get it at any time, ask for curb-side pickup, or get it after social restrictions have been lifted – your choice; we’ll keep it as long as you want).

Hopefully you have family at home you can play with. If not, remember you can play on Magic Arena, or Magic Online. If you have an Arena account, please ask us for an Arena code we can give you.

Keep FNM in your at-home plans, and keep safe.

Have fun! And thank you for your support. 



 Highlands Ranch


On-line portal: http://orderhr.enchantedgrounds.com/