How To Support Your Local Board Game Store

How To Support Your Local Board Game Store

… and enable your dice addiction at the same time!

Despite the general sleepiness of the tabletop game industry right now, several distributors and game publishers are stepping up to help support local brick-and-mortar game and hobby stores. Here are a few resources for ways to get your dice fix from the comfort of your couch, while still supporting small business. We’ve also included some free ways to help pass the time and keep kiddos occupied while staying at home – we’re currently obsessed with the D&D coloring pages. Enjoy!


Iello USA

King Kong of Tokyo Dark, Iello USA
Pictured: King of Tokyo Dark


In an effort to support the brick-and-mortar stores that normally sell their games, Iello USA will split the profits of your online purchase – just mention your local store at checkout!

Iello just released King of Tokyo Dark, a special limited edition version of the Richard Garfield hit games King of Tokyo and King of New York. We’re also big fans of Bunny Kingdom and its expansion Bunny Kingdom in the Sky.

All of these titles are also available for contactless pickup at both Enchanted Grounds locations – Littleton and Highlands Ranch. Just order online or by phone, then call when you arrive so we can bring your order outside.


Fog of Love

Fog of Love game
Pictured: Fog of Love


Fog of Love is a two-player “romantic comedy” game with two characters who meet and fall in love. We aren’t too familiar with it (yet!) but the makers of the game are offering 20% of sales to retailers when you mention your local store at checkout.


Portal Games

Portal Games
Portal games has several free downloads to keep you entertained while you #stayathome


Portal Games isn’t offering small game stores a cut of the profits, but they are offering customers a ton of free materials to stay entertained while staying at home.

Even if you don’t own a physical copy, you can play the Suburbia scenario of award-winning Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. This is a standalone scenario that takes about 90 minutes – a perfect introduction to the game!

They also have downloads for other titles familiar to Enchanted Grounds – Empires of the North, Imperial Settlers: Roll N Write, and First Martians. They’re continuing to add content, so keep checking the page to see what’s new.


Sirius Dice

Sirius Dice
Pictured: Sirius Dice


For the first time ever, Sirius Dice is offering direct sales to customers! Mention your local game store at checkout and they will receive 50% of the profits. Who doesn’t need a new set of dice?


Free D&D Materials

Dungeons and Dragons Adventures Await
Check the Dungeons & Dragons website regularly for more free downloadable content!


Wizards of the Coast is dropping free downloadable materials on the Dungeons and Dragons website every single day! We’re huge fans of the coloring pages and introductory adventures.

Looking for a group to play D&D remotely? Contact us and we’ll do our best to find you a group in our community!


FNM At Home

MTG Arena at Home
Play MTG Arena at home and connect with your local game store for prizes


The heart and soul of Magic: the Gathering lies in the events ran local stores. WotC is working with retailers to still give MtG players a Friday Night Magic experience and prizes while practicing social distancing. Every friday, join us on our Discord server or find us on social media to win free MtG Arena codes for participating – all you need is a screenshot of your event page to get a free code!


What are we missing?

Do you know of any free play materials or small business incentives that other game publishers are offering? Let us know! We will add them to this list so others can take advantage.

You can also support Enchanted Grounds simply by buying your usual Blueberry Pancake Latte or Groundskeeper online at Littleton or Highlands Ranch – and maybe grab a puzzle or game while you’re at it. Just call when you arrive for contactless pickup!

And make sure you’re following us on social media! Enchanted Grounds is now on Twitter, and both stores are on Instagram and Facebook. Come give us a follow and say hi! We miss our Denver board game community!


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