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The exploration of the Mystic Universe continues in the second installment of the breakthrough anthology! Still spearheaded by Indonesian visual artist Bryan Valenza and Henry Barajas, BEYONDTOPIA: LEGENDS#2 showcases more stories reimagined from a variety of folklores and legends: - Flores Man: Airplane crash survivors stranded on Flores Island must survive in a place with no inhabitants... or so they thought! - Chief of MYTH: A day in the life of legendary figure Ghatot, who, in our modern world leads MYTH is a private agency for Mystical Defense, Regulation and Research. - Stockholm: when all he experiences around him is abuse, a boy's imagination manifests a a mysterious figure who offers... a different kind of love. - Space Indigo: a Meta Monster hunter from Andromeda comes to explore an uninhabited haunted planet called.. Earth. - Help: Kunyuk is a wandering boy warrior who likes to help! But this time, it seemed like he was the one who needed help from the Mystic Beasts' attack! - Malin & Shallot: Super villains awakening?! A research camp located in a small village in West Sumatra is turned into stone. The Wizard Squad is sent for investigation. But they're not ready for what they'll find! Adventure! Horror! Emotion! Get on board, this is the Beyondtopia Legends roller-coaster!