D20 Liquid Infused - Metallic Cherry Red

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Old School Dice & Accessories is proud to announce our new 'Liquid Infused' dice line! Each die has a special liquid core that is mixed with different effects. The first releases have a stunning metallic glitter infused within to give a spectacular look with each roll! Also, each D20 has our exclusive dragon head logo on it, as a warning to other players not to mess with your stuff! So be the envy of your next gaming session and get your Old School Dice 'Liquid Infused' die today!


  • One exclusive Old School Dice & Accessories 'Liquid Infused' D20


  • Great for DnD, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu  and other RPG's and minis games
  • Standard, 20mm size
  • Exclusive dragon head logo in place of the '20'
  • Strong & vibrant colors with clear lettering
  • Liquid filled core
  • Metallic glitter infused