Riot Quest: Tubbin Guard (metal)

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Tubbin is a hard-working gobber who made his living as a mechanik in old Khador. He’s always had an affinity for the weapons of war, preferring to work on loud machines capable of making big explosions. The love of a good “Boom!” runs in his family, as is evidenced by the mischief of his cousins Gubbin and Flubbin. So, when the world went mad, and Khador stopped being a safe place to work, Tubbin grabbed his gear and set off to find the rest of his distant family. The ’Ubbins were spread all across the Iron Kingdoms, but he knew if he just looked for the biggest explosions on the horizon, he’d find them soon enough.The wintertime wasteland is a dangerous place, so Tubbin fashioned a suit of steam-powered armor and weaponry to protect himself. It was a nice reminder of his favorite job before everything went south: back when he fixed Man-O-War battle suits for a living and had time to really savor the explosions.

Tubbin is a Guard Hero with some incredible defensive stats. While he has a lower Stamina than any other Guard in the game, he is also one of the more difficult models to actually hit, thanks to his very high DEF stat and Blast Shield ability. Don’t let Tubbin’s STA stat of 2 scare you—he’s a surprisingly tough Guard Hero. 

This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Mercenary Minion solo that will work for Crucible Guard, Cygnar, Khador, Circle Orboros, and Trollbloods.