2 Headed Giant Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease at LIttleton

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Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease Events: Apr 12-14 2024

Friday  7pm
Saturday  2pm

Price is per player. Capacity is number of teams. This is a Two-Headed Giant sealed deck event using pre-release kits. 3 rounds. A prize pool equal to 2 packs per player (4 packs per team) will be created and given out after round 3 of Swiss determines final standings in the following way: Teams with a 3-0 record will be given 14 packs. All other packs will be given out to teams based on standings, utilizing EventLink tiebreakers, 6 packs at a time until all remaining packs are gone. This sometimes means the final team to get packs will get fewer than six packs.