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An exile and fugitive, Corebus is a former Empyrean Aeon who has sought solace and safety amongst the Marcher Worlds. He was present when humanity first arrived in the Hyperuranion and felt an immediate kinship for these dispossessed people. When fighting broke out between the Empyreans and the humans, Corebus felt great sadness. Later, when the Empyreans withdrew to Cyriss Prime, Corebus remained as an observer and watched as humanity spread out across the stars. Later, he would passionately plead for humanity’s right to choose its own destiny, even as the Empyreans laid the foundations for a new army of conquest a millennia in the planning. Eventually, his protestations brought him into direct conflict with the ancient voices of the Great Constellation, and Corebus was forced to flee for his life. His craft damaged beyond repair, Corebus managed to crash land on the Marcher backwater world of New Thuria. Battered and broken, he was taken in by the communities there, who aided him in constructing a new form to replace the body broken in the crash. As news of his defection spread, Corebus was formally invited to join the Coalition of Worlds, an offer he accepted with great pride. Corebus now serves as an agent for the Ranger forces with a specialization in all matters pertaining to the Empyreans.

  • Corebus will work for both the Empyrean and Marcher Worlds forces.
  • Corebus can attack with both of his Fist melee weapons and his Teleforce Blaster ranged weapon in the same activation.
  • When Corebus hits an enemy model with his Teleforce Blaster, he can spike to slam the model hit.
  • While charged, Corebus has Pathfinder.
  • Corebus adds two power dice to its melee attack rolls targeting enemy warjacks.
  • When a friendly model is hit by an enemy attack while within 5˝ of Corebus, you can spike to have Corebus be hit instead.