Fiddler & Co. Marcher Worlds Razorbat Hero Pilot

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The most renowned Razorbat crew operating throughout Marcher territory goes by the enigmatic call sign Fiddler & Co. Fiddler—Captain Bez Venton—is said to be the most stubborn and intuitive Razorbat pilot ever to emerge from Marcher space. While Fiddler always gets the job done, she is notorious for losing gunners in action. The Rangers who accompany her in battle claim that until she meets a gunner who will last long enough for the paint to dry on the vehicle’s fender, her Razorbat will remain emblazoned with the words “Fiddler & Co.”

Fiddler & Co. can be added to a Razorbat vehicle to turn it into a Hero vehicle. Fiddler & Co. also comes with an additional weapon offering, giving them four weapons to choose from instead of the Razorbat’s three.

Can make one Maneuver each activation chosen from a Maneuver card tailored for Fiddler & Co. Integral Cyclone Cannon ranged weapon has Strafe. While charged, this model ignores cover when making its attacks. While charged, this model gains +3 DEF vs. attacks with ballistic weapons. Can spike in to attack a second time with each of its weapons.