Wing It: Beyond (stand alone or expansion)

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Complexity: Low Category: Card Crafting Party Game Time: 20mins Age: 12+ Players: 4-7

Wing It: Beyond is the Space/Travel/Apocalypse themed expansion to Wing It: The Game of Extreme Storytelling. It can be played by itself or in combination with the original.

In each round of Wing It, the players are all presented with the same challenging situation, but each player has different objects that they can use as their resources to resolve the situation. Each player comes up with a story about how they'll solve the situation using exactly three of the five objects in their hand, and then everyone takes a turn pitching their story to a judge. A winning story is selected, a new player becomes the judge, and the next round begins. The winner is the player with the most situation cards at the end, but the real fun is in the stories!

In Wing It: Beyond, players can use Surprise cards that make weird stories even weirder. In one round, all stories must be love stories; in another, everyone needs to include their boring neighbor Steve.

Wing It: Beyond consists of:

122 new Resource cards

42 new Situation cards

24 Surprise cards