Highlands Ranch Game Table Reservation

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We offer select 4 hour reservations up 21 days in advance and no more less 2 days in advance. (for same day or next day reservations, please call the store)

Chose from:

  • RPG Table:  Great for your favorite role playing game.  Table features a pull out GM counter and screen and has access to electrical outlets in the floor beneath the table.  Seats 6
  • 6ft Booth: Card games, board games and conversation.  Seats 6.
  • Parlor Game Table: 3x3 table great for card games, Mahjongg, dominoes and smaller board games.  Seats 4.
  • Miniature War Game and Large Scale Board game:  Dual 4x8 green top table that great for X-Wing, Shatterpoint, War Machine and other table top war games as well as large scale board games like Gloomhaven, Journeys in Middle-Earth, Arkham Horror and others. (Please note this table is NOT suitable for RPG's.  If you schedule an RPG at this table, you may be moved or have your reservations canceled)

 Reservations are free.  Please help keep them free by following our rules, being nice to our staff and remembering we are a place of business that appreciates your support.