Hordes: Isaiah, Dread Harvester Grymkin Solo

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Among the dread rots of the grymkin, there is one dark soul spoken of in hushed tales meant to terrify misbehaving children. His name is Isaiah, and they call him the Dread Harvester. Myths claim that dread rots visit the wicked and exploitative mortals living in rural areas, claiming them as their own, but the folklore surrounding Isaiah is far more brutal.

It is believed that Isaiah punishes not just the wicked individual but the entire community for allowing such sins to take place without retribution or justice. The stories say entire villages will vanish on those cursed nights when Isaiah and his legion of dread rots come to pay a visit.

Isaiah is a Grymkin dragoon solo, meaning he begins the game mounted on his frightmare steed and then has a separate model for if he becomes dismounted. Like other Dread Rots, Isaiah is capable of collecting corpses and giving them to other models in the Grymkin army, but Isaiah is also an excellent support model
and combat solo to lead Dread Rots into battle.

His Leadership [Spectral Onslaught] ability makes it so that he, and any nearby Dread Rots, gain the Ghostly ability when charging, allowing them to ignore both terrain and free strikes when doing so. In his mounted form, Isaiah cuts through enemies with his Wicked Scythe, while in his dismounted form he throws his own severed pumpkin head at them, turning any he destroys into Dread Rots for nearby units. This solo works best when paired with at least one unit of Dread Rots (PIP 76015).