Spy Ninjas Graphic Novel Volume 02 New Recruits

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YouTube stars Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint of the Spy Ninjas are back and ready to defeat Project Zorgo once and for all in their second original graphic novel! After yet another trap set by Project Zorgo, Chad and Vy are left without the rest of their Spy Ninjas team. But this isn't the end of the dynamic duo! After their friends leave the team, Chad and Vy get trapped in an endless loop of eating tacos and watching TV. But eventually they rally and train three new superfan recruits. They certainly have the skills to keep up, but do they have the heart? The new recruits quickly learn the meaning of true teamwork in the face of a looming Project Zorgo threat. Will their hacker skills, parkour stunts, and secret disguises be enough to take down Project Zorgo? Or will the infamous hackers get the last laugh?