Warmachine: The Protectorate of Menoth Intercessor Kreoss Cavalry Epic Warcaster (White Metal)

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` Intercessor Kreoss`Protectorate Cavalry Epic Warcaster (white metal) Bestowed the ancient title of Intercessor reserved for the faith`s greatest champion, Mikael Kreoss has complete authority over the Protectorate`s armies and speaks with the voice of Hierarch Severius himself. Intercessor Kreoss leads his men from atop his great steed alongside a vanguard of his Exemplar venger brothers. Bearing his spear Conviction, Kreoss acts as Menoth`s rightful judgment made manifest upon the world. Intercessor Kreoss comes in a box (PIP 32089). A player may field one Intercessor Kreoss in a Protectorate army.