Warmachine: Cryx Bane Knights Unit (10)(White Metal)

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` Bane Knights`Cryx Unit (10)(repackage)(white metal) Fell creations of blasphemous runes and animated bones, bane knights are unhallowed vessels of darkness summoned from the void. They draw strength from those who strike at them, brutalizing their foes while advancing relentlessly across the battlefield. Bane knights can become fully spectral for short periods of time, passing through solid barriers to reach their terrified victims. The Bane Knight unit comes in a box (PIP 34101). A player may field up to three Bane Knight units for each warcaster in a Cryx army. SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 34101 contains the same Mk II stat card as PIP 34040. The models in this box represent the same figures in the game. PIP 34101 replaces PIP 34040 and PIP 34041 by offering their contents in a complete unit. The replaced PIPs will no longer be available from Privateer Press beginning November 1, 2012.