Zobeck the Clockwork City Collector`s Edition Hardcover (5E)

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From the lofty towers of the Collegium to the dark and dirty docks to the dangerous Underbelly of the city itself this is Zobeck, the thriving, bustling free city at the crossroads of Midgard. Noted for its clockwork ingenuity and its cutthroat politics, all sorts flock toward the city's opportunities, merchants and travelers, rulers and refugees. Some stay and some only pass through, but everyone has an angle. Bring the city of Zobeck to life in your 5th Edition campaign. Explore its streets and chase golden dreams through city hall, collegium summoning circles, fetid sewers, and beyond.

  • Details on Zobeck’s districts and important locales, including the bustling Dock District, the famed Arcane Collegium, the notorious Kobold Ghetto, and the seedy Cartways
  • Guilds and gangs, scholars and smugglers, and a slew of detailed NPCs to challenge or aid players
  • A new clockwork wizard school, and new magic items including the bag of traps, chronomancer’s pocket clock, and Red Lady’s scalpel
  • New player character backgrounds, mounts, and feats specifically for humans and gearforged
  • Plus 14 adventures in, around, and under the great trade city, from 1st to 11th level—a complete mini campaign!