Riot Quest: Bulkhead Guard

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“Bulkhead” was the nickname given to this Man-O-War Breacher, mostly due to his repeated use of his head as a battering ram during attacks on fortified structures. With no Armored Korps left to follow, Bulkhead began traveling the wastes doing what he does best: breaking things and keeping tinier things behind him from being broken.

It’s a simple life, but it sure does pay well!

Bulkhead is a Guard Class Hero and a powerful tank to add to any Crew. With strong defensive stats, he can weather loads of enemy fire while providing cover to nearby allies with his Safeguard ability. Bulkhead can also use his Bulldoze ability to push enemies around the map as he moves next to them, allowing the player to reposition their opponent’s models for combo plays on their following turns.

This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Khador solo.