Riot Quest: Heist Expansion (Metal)

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Riot Quest Heist is a brand-new way to play the game using your favorite Heroes, Riot Gear, and Arena maps with an entirely new path to victory. In Heist, you won’t be earning Scrap or Bounty cards until one player has earned seven victory points. Instead, you’ll be stealing Treasure Chests from around the Arena and trying to return them to your home base before the game ends, all while fending off your opponents, the security system trying to thwart your every move, and the bots on patrol.

This expansion supports free-for-all play for up to 4 players in Riot Quest and includes the new Gunner Hero Princess Delores Graciela and a new Riot Gear card!


  • 1 Gunner-Class miniature
  • 1 Hero stat card
  • 1 Lore card
  • 1 Riot Gear card
  • 3 Bot models
  • 6 Bot stat cards
  • 1 Security deck
  • (15 cards!)
  • 1 token sheet
  • 1 rules insert

The Heist Expansion is a high-intensity alternate way to play Riot Quest. Players are pitted against one another to steal each other’s loot instead of scoring victory points. Any player who enjoys the slightly unpredictable nature of Riot Quest will want this expansion!

Princess Delores Graciela is a Gunner Class Hero who specializes in littering the battlefield with bullets. Utilizing Royal Prerogative as a Princess of Ord, she acquired All the Guns along with anything else that might be useful from the country’s treasure vault. With unnatural poise and dexterity, she fires many of her copious guns all at once, allowing her to target multiple models at the same time. Despite the fact that it should clearly not be humanly possible while wielding so many weapons, she can even Aim at particular targets, should the opportunity present itself.

Princess Delores Graciela is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Mercenary solo.