Riot Quest: Wintertime Wasteland Starter Box

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The Riot Quest chaos continues with the new Wintertime Wasteland starter box! After plundering and looting all they could find in the more civilized corners of the Iron Kingdoms, the heroes (and villains) of Riot Quest are headed to the strange, frozen north in search of more treasure.

This starter is fully compatible with all previous Riot Quest releases and kicks off a brand new block of post-apocalyptic, winter-themed models and expansions for the game. Wintertime Wasteland introduces new Arena maps, new Bounty and Treasure decks, and loads of new beautifully sculpted Hero models.

The models in this starter box are also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES. 



1 Boomhowler the Destroyer

1 Stonecold Black Bella

1 Yssylla

1 Yuri the Hunter

1 Shivers

1 Rulebook

1 Map

15 Dice (6 white Action Dice, 4 blue Boost Dice, 4 red Power Dice, 1 black six-sided die)

1 Token Sheet