Pathfinder RPG: Module - The House on Hook Street

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Dreams Turn Deadly In Old Korvosa! Nightmare-Spawned Horrors Begin Stalking The District`S Shiver Addicts, Sparking A Manhunt To Bring Those Responsible To Justice. What Role Does The Strange Cult Known As The Brotherhood Of The Spider Play In The Mysterious Deaths, And Why Has The Veil Between The Dreaming And Waking Worlds Worn So Thin? To Solve These Mysteries And Others, The Heroes Must Walk The Unseen Paths Of Bridgefront`S Occult Underworld, And Even Enter The Dimension Of Dreams Itself To Unravel The Web Of Intrigue Around The Cult`S Dangerous Machinations. But What Happens When The Heroes` Own Dreams Turn Against Them, And Can They Uncover Dark Esoteric Secrets Too Terrible To Know Before It Is Too Late? Designed For Use With Occult Adventures, The House On Hook Street Is Geared For 6Th-Level Characters.