Pathfinder RPG: Campaign Setting - Nidal Land of Shadows

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Shed Some Light On A Land Perpetually Shrouded In Shadow. Draw Back The Veil On This Ancient Nation And Learn More About The People And Places That Make Up The Umbral Lands Of Nidal. Ruled By A Brutal And Oppressive Theocracy, The Nation Of Nidal Is Among The Oldest And Most Isolated In The Inner Sea Region. Its People Hide In Fear From The Monsters That Openly Hunt The Countryside, And Those In Cities, Like The Gothic Capital Pangolais, Keep Their Heads Down When Walking The Streets Among The Masochistic Priests Of The Midnight Lord, Zon-Kuthon. Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Nidal, Land Of Shadows Presents A Comprehensive Look At This Shadowy Servitor State, A Place Of Nightmarish Creatures, Tyrannical Subjugation, And Ancient Mysteries.