Vampire Slayer (Buffy) TPB Volume 04

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Amongst strained relationships, Buffy is determined to take back her identity as The Slayer! Meanwhile Xander, Faith, and Spike contend with their identities, and their future roles in the Scooby Gang. The pain of the past weighs on Willow, but she's determined to use her magic for the good, but it will take someone special to help the volatile witch, and Willow has no idea what she's in store for... Her magic is out of control despite her good intentions, and it'll take a professional to repair her connection to her power. Sarah Gailey (Know Your Station), Kath Lobo (Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker), Valentina Pinto (Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars - Battle Tales), and Ed Dukeshire (The Jotunn War) close the coffin on Willow's journey through the realms of vampire slaying and magic! Collects The Vampire Slayer #13-16.