Pathfinder RPG: Player Companion - Champions of Purity

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You Don`T Have To Be A Holy Warrior To Be A True Hero. Join In The Fight Against Evil And Be A Paragon Of Righteousness As A Character Of Any Class With Pathfinder Player Companion: Champions Of Purity. Along With A Host Of New Options Specifically Designed For Good-Aligned Characters, Champions Of Purity Changes The Way You Think About Playing Honorable Characters With New Insights Into What It Means To Be Good-Aligned Hardliners, How To Get Paid For Being A Good Guy, Dealing With Evil Companions, How To Redeem Villains, And How To Handle All Those Goblin Babies. Also, Learn More About Some Of The Greatest Do-Gooders And Virtuous Organizations In Golarion ` With A Focus On Nonreligious Groups.