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Warcaster: Terminus Cabal Aeternus Continuum Cadre (metal/resin)

Warcaster: Terminus Cabal Aeternus Continuum Cadre (metal/resin)

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Dwelling in vast chambers within the Aeternus Continuum?s greatest temple complexes, the Divine Tempests are the Champions of the Terminus Cabal. These apocalyptic oracles of destruction are each attended to by a Fury-channeling Talon squad and defended by a pair of massive Synteriuns. The Talons are further augmented with the addition of a Relikon, a powerful mechanikal attachment specialized in Arc and Cypher manipulation. Accompanying the Cabal is the Nekosphynx solo, a stealthy and mechanikally enhanced feline hunter capable of short leaps through time and space.

  • The Terminus Cabal is an arcane powerhouse, introducing new channelers and Arc manipulation capabilities to the Aeternus Continuum.
  • The models in the new Cadres are designed to work together and support each other in play.
  • The Divine Tempest solo champion is an incredibly destructive model, capable of replacing the enemy models she fells in combat with solos from your reserve.
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