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Colt Express

Colt Express

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Complexity: Moderate Category: Action Card Game Time: 40min Age: 10+ Players: 2-6

Colt Express is a railway-themed family board game where players take on the roles of bandits attempting to rob a 3D train. There are coin purses, jewels and strongboxes scattered throughout the train, but they are protected by a Marshal on board.

Each player chooses which bandit he wants to be and they all have a special differnt power.

The trains has a number of train cars equal to the number of players and each car has some loot. The Marshal and a strongbox start in the Locomotive. The bandits can move from one car to another, run on the roof, punch the other bandits, shoot them, rob the passengers and avoid the marshal.

The player who has the biggest loot at the end of the game is the winner.

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