Pathfinder RPG: Campaign Setting - Inner Sea Taverns

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Belly Up To The Bar With This Indispensible Guide That Delves Deep Into Six Of The Inner Sea Region`S Most Interesting (And Notorious) Watering Holes! From A Rowdy Alehouse Frequented By Pirates And A Tian-Style Teahouse Where Decorum Is Paramount, To A Quaint Tavern That Serves As The Front For A Group Of Spies And A Ramshackle Saloon Where Mind-Altering Chemicals Are The Special Of The Day, This Pathfinder Campaign Setting Sourcebook Offers A Handful Of Exciting Locales Where Adventurers Can Break Bread Or Spend Their Hard-Earned Coin. Each Entry Comes Complete With A Detailed Map And Gazetteer, Information About The Tavern`S Staff, Frequent Guests, And Most Popular Drinks, And Plot Hooks For Just About Every Level. In Addition, You`Ll Find Rules For An Assortment Of Pub Games That Can Be In Played In Any Tavern! Bottoms Up!