Pathfinder RPG: Campaign Setting - Chronicle of the Righteous

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Stem The Tide Of The Multiverse`S Foulest Denizens With Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Chronicle Of The Righteous! Chronicle Of The Righteous Reveals The Inhabitants Of The Goodly Realms Of Heaven, Elysium, And Nirvana, Along With Their Demigod Leaders, The Empyreal Lords. Familiar Empyreal Lords Like Fiery Ragathiel And Mysterious Pulura Are Joined By Allies Like Frigid Tolc, Placid Ghenshau, Noble Seramaydiel, And Dozens More. Additionally, Mortal Champions Might Join These Paragons Of Goodness As Members Of Their Diverse Mystery Cults, Wielders Of Their Divine Magic, Conjurers Of Divine Legions, Or Bearers Of Holy Stigmata.