Pathfinder RPG: Campaign Setting - Hell Unleashed

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Break The Seals Of Hell And Unleash Ultimate Evil Upon Your Pathfinder Campaign With An Unholy Collection Of Devils, Cultists, And Worse! Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Hell Unleashed Presents Twelve Diabolically Detailed Encounters Featuring The Slaves And Masters Of The Infernal Realm, Including An Asmodean Summoning Ritual Primed To Rip Open Reality, A Lethal Hellknight Test Of Worthiness, Glimpses Into The Soul-Markets Of The Infernal Metropolis Of Dis, Profane Details On The Infamous Book Of The Damned, And A March Through The Fortress Of One Of Hell`S God-Like Gatekeepers. Each Entry Includes Full Statistics For Running A Particular Encounter Or Servant Of Evil, Details On Its History And Machinations, Ways To Use It An Ongoing Campaign, Maps Of The Related Site, And More.