Pathfinder RPG: Campaign Setting - Inner Sea Temples

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From Modest Shrines To Soaring Cathedral Spires, The Seats Of Godly Faiths Fill The Lands Of The Inner Sea. Now, Game Masters And Players Alike Can Explore The Inner Workings Of Six Of The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game`S Most Iconic Faiths. Each Comes Complete With A Detailed Map, Profiles Of The Temple`S Notable Members, A History Of The Structure And Organization, And Plot Hooks For Parties Both Allied With And Opposed To The Church`S Goals. Featured Temples Include Cayden`S Hall, The Center Of Worship For The Drunken God; A Bank Of Abadar, God Of Commerce And Civilization, In A Frontier Jungle Settlement On The Verge Of Revolution; And A Shrine To Pain And Darkness In The Shadow-Enshrouded Capital Of Nidal, A Nation Dedicated To Zon-Kuthon, The Midnight Lord.