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The Merchants Of Golarion Have Honed Their Skills For Years, Plumbed Ancient Sites Of Legend, And Made Deals With Otherworldly Forces To Dredge Up Miraculous Magic Items Salable To Intrepid Adventurers Such As Yourself. From The Opulent Boutiques Of The Ivy District In Absalom To The Bustling Black Markets Of Katapeshs Nightstalls, The Shopkeepers Herein Stock A Wide Range Of Magical Items Useful To Adventurers Of Any Walk. Whether You Seek To Poison Enemies With A Mere Gesture, Walk The Ocean Floor In Search Of Plunder, Shatter Bones With Magical Hammers, Or Enhance Your Body With Clockwork Prostheses, These Dealers Are Sure To Offer The Key To Your Success. In Addition, These Practiced Merchants Each Offer A Host Of Unique And Useful Abilities To Teach Their Favored And Frequent Customers.