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Riot Quest: Karchev & Deathjack Malignant Fusion Boss Fight Expansion (Resin/Metal)

Riot Quest: Karchev & Deathjack Malignant Fusion Boss Fight Expansion (Resin/Metal)

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When Karchev the Terrible made the mistake of clamping the Skulls of Hate onto his own warjack body, he became one of the most malicious monstrosities the wintertime wasteland has ever seen! The Karchev & Deathjack combo cares not for loot or gear, fortune, or glory…they exist only to destroy. This expansion introduces a new co-op Boss Fight experience in which 1–4 players can battle their Crews against a super-powered Karchev & Deathjack. The solo mode can be a bit of a challenge!

Additionally, the Karchev & Deathjack model can be played as a standard member of a player’s Crew in any game mode of Riot Quest using the normal Hero stat card and Riot Gear cards included!


  • 1 Karchev & Deathjack Miniature
  • 1 Lore card
  • 1 Boss Stat card
  • 1 Hero Stat card
  • 1 Riot Gear card
  • 1 Boss Deck (12 cards!)
  • 1 rules insert

Boss fights offer a very different way to play Riot Quest, allowing players to play with each other rather than against each other. Just because the players can team up, however, don’t expect Karchev & Deathjack to be pushovers. This boss fight was intentionally designed to be more difficult than the previous Malvin & Mayhem battle, so get ready for a challenge!

While playing in normal Riot Quest games, Karchev & Deathjack acts as a Fighter and Specialist Class tag-team Hero, combining the efficiency of the core class rule Tinker with the powerful class rule Charge. The tag-team acts as a powerful frontline fighter with some of the best all-round stats in the game—his weapons, defense, and even stamina are all above average! All that pales in comparison to the combined Malicious of Karchev & Deathjack; this Malignant Fusion is just the thing to strike fear into the usually undaunted heroes of Riot Quest.

Karchev & Deathjack is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Khador and Cryx warcaster.

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