Pathfinder RPG: Adventure Path - Ironfang Invasion Part 5 - Prisoners of the Blight

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With the secrets of the Stone Road and its focus, the Onyx Citadel, finally revealed, the adventurers only need an army of their own to push back against the Ironfang Legion. But, with Nirmathas`s ragtag forces occupied with Molthune and the Legion tearing at the nation`s underbelly, the heroes require unconventional allies to build that army. Legends tell of an ancient fey nation that once controlled the Fangwood Forest, and now lies imprisoned by the corrupted dryad Arlantia and her otherworldly Darkblight. Can the heroes survive this twisted, fey wonderland and defeat its mistress, or will they succumb to the same sentient plants, terrifying dragon, and legendary beasts that have claimed so many before them? Continuing The Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path, Prisoners of the Blight is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 14th-level characters.